Our mission is to practice and promote a lifestyle of balance and to empower those around us to become their best self.


Massage Advocates for Health was established after years of collaborative effort between Donna Stone and Julie Schelling. With close to 60 years of collective experience in the massage and wellness industries, their intent is to empower those that seek additional wellness concepts in self-care and injury prevention.

In our fast paced, tightly scheduled, technology based world one often forgets the importance of implementing a daily self-care routine. Our Community Outreach Program offers science-based options for wellness which includes the fundamental principles of stretch, movement and healthy lifestyle choices. These classes are designed for anyone with an intent to become a better version of themselves.

As Massage Advocates for Health, we utilize a preventative approach with interactive educational experiences that genuinely support well-being by addressing barriers that  could lead to reduction in productivity and quality of life, in and outside of the workplace.


Donna Stone, LMT, CPT Julie Schelling, LMT, CNHS


Massage Advocates for Health will keep me working for years. They willingly share their wealth of knowledge, from body mechanics to setting boundaries…and everything in between.

Robin C.

Such a fun workshop with a broad range of topics on self-care and injury prevention. Thank you!

Steve K.

It was so inspiring and especially encouraging to know that such knowledgeable and caring people have offered their help to other therapists. Especially when it can be so intimidating!

Diana J.

It was good information on how to maintain proper body mechanics so that I might prolong my massage career. It was great information on self care.

Justice C.

Was a GREAT workshop! Would highly recommend it. They both made us feel comfortable and at ease the entire day.

Jen S.

I gained knowledge of how to focus on self-care. I enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with different massage tools.




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